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“Here at Discover Delicious, we are passionate about our food and drink industry, and love discovering like-minded producers to share with you. One word that can definitely be used to describe the team at Wickedly Welsh is passionate, and we love their quirky, unique flavours, and know you will too. To discover more about Wickedly Welsh and the inspiration behind it, head over to our lifestyle section and read all about it in our Q&A blog, Five Foodie Minutes with Wickedly Welsh.

We are Wickedly Welsh Chocolate, based in Pembrokeshire, west Wales and you can experience our wicked chocolate from our chocolate factory, unusual chocolate deli and a wickedly chocolatey cafe. And of course, you can always discover our delicious range online.

Try chocolate the Wickedly Welsh Way… Go on, be Wicked!


Our Story

We make great tasting chocolate. It’s that simple. As a chocolate lover you would expect us to use high quality raw ingredients. So we do.

What you might not expect is our love of wickedly mischievous flavours, tastes, and the drops of fun we put in every creation. This is what makes our chocolate different and will make your tongue (and the rest of you) want to come back to try and play with our fun flavours, textures and tastes.