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“We discovered husband and wife team Russ and Pam on the fringes of the picturesque ancient town of Montgomery. Monty’s Brewery have a beer offering to suit a range of different tastes – we’re big fans of their selection here at Discover Delicious and are sure you will be, too. We are thrilled to have this award-winning brewery on board.”

Monty’s Brewery produces consistently great quality bottle conditioned beers. We have various styles to suit all, from our gluten free ‘Masquerade’ to the rich, malty dark ale Old Jailhouse and the deep chocolatey gluten free stout Dark Secret. There’s a beer to suit all tastes!

Our Story

The growth of Monty’s from a small, family run start-up to an established enterprise, exporting beers all over the world has been a fast paced and exciting journey. It all began in June 2008 when the seeds were first sown by owners Pam & Russ Honeyman, when over a quiet pint they pondered “shall we build a brewery?” Soon after Pam returned from a 3 week Brewlab course at Sunderland University with a plan and a recipe, the first casks were produced. Since then, Monty’s Brewery has won many National and International awards over the years.